Shauna Pugh


Known as the realtor with “real” real estate experience, Shauna has a true passion for real estate and everything it encompasses. That passion began many years ago through the then crazy idea of purchasing a home to rehab and sell. Fast forward to many homes later, Shauna realizes that property ownership is truly part of the building and living the “American Dream.”

Born in Illinois and raised in Colorado, Shauna has mastered the craft of learning and becoming an expert on different areas and how to keep up with trends. She takes the wants and needs of her buyer/seller partners seriously, and because of her experience, can produce their desired results


Shauna has worn many hats in the real estate world, from buyer to seller, investor, investor consultant, and stager. This experience allows her to become a valuable resource for her clients. Shauna is known to put her clients first, and most all of them have commented on how caring and graceful she can be, while yet producing results! Shauna’s education also serves as a resource when forming and working with real estate partners. She’s no stranger to hard work, as a first-generation college student, she possesses a Business Management Degree with an emphasis in Human Resource Management. Her human resources experience has helped her master how to work with people and provide superior service to those she partners with.  


Outside of real estate, Shauna also wears the hats of wife and mother. She vowed to herself when her kids started school, to stay involved in her children’s education no matter what. She can usually be found supporting a school or sports event. She also loves hanging out with her girlfriends and trying different spots to enjoy brunch. Most of all, she loves to travel and see new places! She will try almost anything at least once! Shauna also enjoys performing arts & theater and has acted in a couple of plays herself!

When Shauna met her husband, Alfonso, he introduced her to the idea of constant self-improvement and habits that lead to leaving a legacy. Ever since then, she has created and sustained habits of self-accountability and has learned to enjoy delayed gratification.  These skills allow her to create a vision for her clients and determine what they need to do together to bring their vision to life.


As mentioned above, Shauna is the first in her immediate family to hold a four-year degree. As many find it hard to go to classes when they live on campus, try an hour commute each way while working a full-time job!  This taught her the true meaning of perseverance along with the simple act of completion, and she credits this to her parents who always cheered her on. She recognized that they wanted more for her than they ever had, and she wants the same for her kiddos.

Shauna also has done her portion of giving back and looks to do so much more! Due to her dedication and work in her community, she was awarded one of the 2019 “Top 20 under 40” awards by the IL Chamber of Commerce!

Shauna lives by the saying, “to whom much is given, much is required.”  She was instrumental and dove into establishing the IL program now known as “Project Rebound.”  This program has created many homeowners in her previous city. She realized that there were others in her community that deserved a place to call home; however, needed a bit of assistance in order to make that dream a reality. From the point of hearing the program's mission, she was all in.

Super fun fact, and not related to business at all, but may help you understand how unique Shauna truly is….she only likes tomato juice on planes.  Bet you won’t hear that anywhere else!

Shauna truly believes that what you put out in this world, is what you get back.  She is ready, capable, and willing to partner with you to make your dreams a reality.  Let’s work on your legacy!

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