These are the real pros and cons of buying a home in June
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When is the BEST time to sell a home?

What is the "seasonality" effect of real estate and how might it impact your future home-selling process?  We can never truly "time" the market, but there are strategic times of the year to place your home on the market for top profit and high visibility.  

Pricing Your Home Correctly from the START

Listen.  Do not gamble with your home selling process.   It is important to price your home correctly (and fairly) from the start, versus over/underpricing and making adjustments during the middle of your listing process.  Here are a few reasons why having a reasonable pricing strategy established upfront with increase the probability of you walking away with top profit.   

Reasons Home DON'T Sell and Sit on the Market

There are a number of reasons why homes do not sell and sit on the market.  Most of the time, it comes down to bad advice from an agent or stubborn sellers (sorry!). Let's discuss a few reasons why homes do not experience success on the market...and how YOU can avoid the same mistakes.   

How to Find the RIGHT Listing Agent

Here is the cold truth.  All real estate agents ARE not built the same.  When listing your home, make sure that you are interviewing and working with EXPERIENCED listing agents, or risk losing profit and enduring the headache of a nightmare home selling process.    

Should Your TRUST Zillow When Valuing Your Home?

What's the first step most home sellers make when considering placing their home on the market?  Almost 90% of sellers START with Zillow, which is fine...but please understand that there is more to the numbers than what Zillow (or any online valuation) can provide.  If you are serious about an accurate home valuation, here are a few things to consider.  

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